Welcome to OpenSea's CryptoFighters Guide! Here you will find useful links for both the trading platform and the game itself. Enjoy!

Resources taken from and the CryptoFighters Discord channel.

CryptoFighters is a crypto asset trading game, centered around unique collectible Fighters on the Ethereum blockchain. Collect, battle and level up your fighters to win new fighters! Each fighter is a unique ERC721 non-fungible token that can be upgrade through the battling system and/or traded with other users.

See the Getting Started page for details on preparing to play the game!

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Getting Fighters

Check out the OpenSea Marketplace at or purchase Fighters from In addition, you will be awarded new fighters when you win matches in the arena. This is one of our favorite crypto game mechanics!

For detailed information on buying and selling Fighters from the OpenSea marketplace, check out the Buy and Sell Fighters section of this Wiki.

Fighter Generation/Ranks, Attributes, Levels, and Genes

Each Fighter has a base ranking, or Generation. Gen 0 Fighters are the strongest. They are generated by the contract code each hour, up to 25,000 Fighters. You can buy them from the main website's marketplace or from the OpenSea marketplace, but they can NOT be won from battle. Only Gen1 or lower tier Fighters can be created that way (up to 4 billion fighters total). Each Generation falls within a specific Battle ranking:



Gen 0


Gen 1 - Gen 2


Gen 3 - Gen 8


Gen 9 - Gen 15


Gen 16 +


Fighters have four attributes which help them in battle:

  • Strength (STR): The base damage of a Fighter's attack.

  • Dexterity (DEX): Fighter's move speed. Determines how often this fighter will get to attack.

  • Vitality (VIT): Fighter's Health Points

  • Luck (LUK): Fighter's chance for landing a critical hit

As Fighters battle, they gain XP and level up, which adds an extra point to one of their attributes at random. All Fighters start at level 1 when they are created.

In addition to attributes, Fighters have 'Genes' which determine how they look, affect battle performance, and determine the type of reward Fighter you can get at the end of battle. OpenSea is trying to get more details on exactly how this works, so check back often for updates!


Crypto fighters is a team VS team battle. Each player forms a team of up to 5 of their Fighters to either Defend in the arena, or Attack another team that is already set to defend there. Each player selects a Fighter to be the battle Leader.


Defending is the cheaper of the 2 gameplay options (about 3-4 times cheaper in ETH TX fees), but also much riskier. There are several disadvantages to defending due to fighting an unknown opponent:

  • They could have a team larger than yours. We highly advise against defending with less than 5 Fighters (if you are trying to win)

  • Their team could be the same size, but have significantly higher stats.

  • They are able to see your fighters in advance, so they can tailor their team to work against the weaknesses of your Fighters.

As a result of these disadvantages, you should expect to lose rounds more often than when you attack. You'll probably want to form a very diverse team, so that it's harder to pick at your weaknesses. You still get XP when you lose however, so this can still be a viable choice.


Attacking is much more expensive (about 3-4 times more in ETH TX fees), but also much safer. There are several advantages to attacking:

  • If someone lists a team smaller than 5 fighters, you can probably overwhelm them just buy bringing your own team of 5.

  • Even if they list 5 Fighters, you may have much stronger ones in your stable.

  • Since you can see their team in advance, you can pick your own Fighters which can exploit their weaknesses.

As a result of these advantages, you can expect to win rounds more often than when you defend. Your team doesn't necessarily need to be as diverse.

Entering the Arena

In order to battle against other teams, you must first enter a team into the arena. Navigate to the CryptoFighters Arena page (

If you are planning to defend, you will click the "ENTER ARENA" button. To attack, you would instead click the "FIGHT" button next to the team you wish to battle. In either case, you will see a new pop-up where you select your team to take into battle. Click on 5 of your Fighters and they should appear in the 5 slots at the top of the page. NOTE: The first Fighter you pick will be your Leader, and will have a label under their picture indicating that.

Once you are happy with your team, click the "SUBMIT TEAM" button. This should generate a Metamask transaction which you should SUBMIT in order to start your Arena defense/attack. Metamask should determine appropriate network costs, but you can choose your own if you want. NOTE: You have not started your arena action until you SUBMIT this transaction and it gets completed on the Ethereum network.

Once the battle ends, you will be able to see your win/loss history at the bottom of the Arena page.

Determining a Battle Victor

In the current state of the Arena, the outcome of a battle is determined by a 'black-box' algorithm which takes the following parameters into account:

  • Group sizes

  • Fighters' ranks (generations)

  • Fighters' levels (from XP)

  • Fighters' attributes

  • Fighters' genes

  • Weaknesses and Strengths

  • A bit of randomness to spice things up

OpenSea is trying to get more details on exactly how this works, so check back often for updates!


When a battle is over, Your Leader's traits and the opposing Leader's traits are combined to gift the winner a new Fighter. It's important to keep this in mind. This might encourage you to be the Attacker even though it costs more money in TX fees, since you'll basically be able to cherry pick the traits of your new card!. The generation of the new card is the average of the 2 Leaders, plus 1.


Leader 1 Generation

Leader 2 Generation

New Card's Generation

Gen 0

Gen 0

Gen 1

Gen 0

Gen 2

Gen 2

Gen 2

Gen 2

Gen 3

Gen 2

Gen 4

Gen 3